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• I. Fixed and Intangible Assets :

• 1 Keep company's Assets in good condition.

• 2 Ensure the good image of physical appearance of the shelves, in terms of cleanliness, presentation & sign posting.

• 3 Study and justify requests for renovation, spaces, modification or change of product assembly line/distribution.

• 4 Study the various business environment affecting his assigned department, in terms of market study, (customer), competitor (price, quality, range) and suppliers and their evolution.

• 5 Suggest advertising programs that will enhance Sales and increase customer awareness.

• 6 Ensure proper customer service throughout the Store.

• II. Human Resources :

• 1 Make sure that the staff selection is best suited to the needs of the dept in terms of quantity, quality and maximisation of their productivity.

• 2 Motivate and train the Section Managers so as to enable them to train their respective staff to enhance skills.
• 3 Conduct staff meeting in a regular manner and monitor the appraisal of the staff and listen to their suggestions and ideas.

• 4 Perform the selection and recruitment process & identify potential candidate for career development.
• 5 Identify outstanding performance and reward them accordingly.

• 6 In the absence of GM/AGM, assume the responsibilities and acting on their behalf.

• 7 Report immediately to the General Manager-Store of any incidents/irregularities that could affect the operation of the Store.

• III. Merchandise/Products

• 1 Ensure that goods in the store are proper for general consumption in good condition and fit for the purpose it is intended. Also, ensure accessibility, cleanliness, price labelling and expiry date.

• 2 Plan and ensure that availability of the product range corresponds to customers need, market ability and volume of sales, in terms of quantity and quality.

• 3 Identify Fast Moving Goods and follow their evolution, so that customer's needs could be met as per their requirements.

• 4 Keep track of the competitor's price level and take appropriate decision on pricing product, so that Continent's customer's segment could be preserved and further expanded.

• 5 Ensure to have quality suppliers and negotiate best purchasing terms including rebate and promotional support.

• 6 Propose plan for conducting product sales promotions. After approval, monitor and evaluate the promotions effectiveness.

• IV. Money :

• 1 Prepare department's budget in co-ordination with Section Manager, facilitate for achievement of global budget and after approval, ensure it's implementation.

• 2 Produce the P/L account in co-ordination with his Section and finalise the operating budget.

• 3 Monitor the performance of each section through monthly report and if improvement/ corrective action is required, take needful measures.

• 4 Estimate the probability of negative consequences arising due to disparities/ variations in the annual performance results.

• 5 Control the payments authorised by the Section Managers and ensure that they are fully justified and in accordance with the store policy, and need.

• 6 Ensure that Financial policies and procedures are followed consistently are fully justified and in accordance with the store policy, and need.


• -Complexity:

• 1 University Degree in Commerce/Business Administration or Marketing Management/course in Retail Management.
• 2 Minimum 6 years experience in major Hypermarkets at Supervisory level.
• 3 Good knowledge of general merchandise concerned in the local retail markets.
• 4 Able to handle/manage multinational staff.
• 5 Good administrative and management skills.
• 6 Should be pro-active and maintain inter-personal relations.
• 7 A good understanding of total supply chain preferably with some technical knowledge.
• 8 Should have good negotiating, commercial and operational skills.
• 9 A level of experience and maturity to handle all the retail - commercial and operational section.
• 10 Should have an inclination to monitor in the local market & keep track of competitors' position.

Job Details

• Attractive Salary and Benefits

• Medical Insurance

• Potential Career Growth

• Constant Training and Development