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Maintenance Manager
Internal Audit
Services Division
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Maintenance Manager has to ensure that all assets are in proper working condition and maintained regularly as per the standards.
The Maintenance Manager takes the responsibility for the Store Assets and has to ensure that all are fully functional at any time to ensure that customers face no inconvenience.


Bachelor Degree – Mechanical or Electrical or Electro-Mechanical
Comprehensive knowledge of equipment and facility maintenance programs and procedures
Significant knowledge of the HVAC Systems
Substantial knowledge of safety principles and practices – additional certificates preferred
Good knowledge of budget preparation process, basic knowledge of accounting principles
Knowledge of applicable local laws, rules and regulations
English (Full professional proficiency - Required)
Arabic (Limited working proficiency - Preferred)
5 years’ experience in electro-mechanical/facilities management field is required
For UAE National only

Job Details

• Directs maintenance activities on utilities systems to provide continuous supply of Electricity, Water, Gas, Diesel and Chilled water required for the store Operation.
• Plan, Develop and implement store assets periodical inspection / Service in line with annual maintenance agreement terms.
• Schedules repairs, Maintenance, and installation of Machines and equipment to insure continuous production and operation.
• Identify, Log and control the store operational and Non Operational (IDLE) assets in terms of activities and change of status.
• Manage the workspace keep the tools in good conditions and control the workshop equipment inventory.
• Keep the critical spare parts stock for major assets / equipment available all the time to avoid any disturbance to the operation
• Keep the Management informed of the contractor’s performance for continuous effective improvements.
• On call 24/7 for emergency response and take appropriate initiatives in case of emergencies if and when needed.
• Ensure the store is provided with all necessary tools/material to maintain the hygiene standards