Refrigerated Truck Driver - UAE          

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Textile Department Head
Commercial Division
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All Branches


• Respond to customer complaints and queries.
• Manage and motivate the team to meet sales targets and ensure efficiency.
• Set objectives and ensure all sections in the department achieve the commercial targets (sales- margin) while maintaining company standards in terms of procedures.
• Ensure proper stock management (stock value, control out of stock, orders and merchandise deliveries) in coordination with the section managers.
• Ensure competitive pricing and the discount concept is implemented in all parts or sections of the department.
• Establish attractive display implementation of merchandise (Planogram respect).
• To know and Implement our Concept (Everything under the same roof, Volume, Low Price, self-service, car park).


• University Degree.
• A minimum of 3 years experience in similar managerial position.
• Excellent English and Computer skills.
• Strong negotiation, communication and leadership skills.
• Must have team spirit.
• Very hard worker.
• Good Knowledge of Texile products